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Web Development

If you're in the market for web design or web development services, it can be a bit overwhelming. You probably know a little about the process but maybe not enough to feel at ease with some of the terminology. We get it. We feel the same way when we're getting to know our new clients and the businesses that they represent. At Liquid Designs we will be with you every step of the way. We try to make sure that you understand the process so you can be comfortable with it. If we've sped through a topic to quickly and you have a question, ask us. We're here to help.

These are the typical stages involved for any of our quality website builds.

  • Consultation - The consultation is the time when we get to know more about you, your business and the image that you want your business to convey. We'll find out about any identity branding that may have for your company, as well as any functions or details that you would like the site to contain.
  • Survey - We will email you a PDF form that allows you to add links to any websites that you like or dislike in order for our team to get a better understanding of your visual requirements. This form will also allow for special requests you may have including imagery, function, or multimedia.
  • Contract - We're pretty informal around here, but even a basic contract is required. It helps to ensure that everyone is one the same page in regards to time line, costs, and details about the site in general.
  • Layout Wireframes - These are very basic mock-ups of the structure that the different pages in your site may have. These are like the visual blueprint of your site. Not much to look at but they set the foundation of the build.
  • Initial Design - This is when it gets really fun. Based on the information that you have provided us through the survey and consultation we will create the general design of the home page. This will be a static non-functioning image that shows the look and feel of the website.
  • Revisions - Not always, but usually there are revisions needed for the initial layout. Tweaking of colors, changing the way a slide show looks or editing the background.
  • Web Tree - This is just like a family tree, except for your website. This is just a mapping out of how the navigation will work. Which pages link to which pages, and if you want certain pages to be subcategories of a broader subject page. It's easier than it sounds. We will provide you with an example tree as a reference for you to build your tree.
  • The Initial Build - This is where we add function to the design. We will begin development by adding functioning navigation, an active slide show, contact form, calendar, media player, etc.. This step helps to make sure that we have ironed out any design issues.
  • Revisions - This round is usually geared towards revising minor details such as the darkness of a shadow, the highlight colors of links, or the size of text.
  • Content - This is the step that we add text and imagery that has been selected for the site. Nobody knows your business like you do, so be prepared to supply a text file to be used in the website. We can help to add to, if requested, and proof read what you have supplied.
  • Testing - After we have added the required and requested text and code to the website we need to test the functionality. This includes testing the site on different web browsers and screen sizes.
  • Validation - We test all of our code for WC3 validation. This ensures that the coding is done to current web standards.
  • Sign Off - This is the point when you are ready to take control of the internet! And, tell us that you like the website. You will sign off on the finished build acknowledging that everything is up to your standards and all of the agreed upon criteria have been met.
  • Launch - It's all party hats and streamers now. We will install the site directly to your specified servers in order to make sure that there are no compatibility issues with the technology of the server and the site itself.
  • Files - Typically we will archive the files of a completed project and store them forever. We try to keep all files forever barring catastrophe. There are just some things that can't be controlled.
  • Completion - By this point we're family. Everything has, hopefully, gone smoothly up to this point and you just cant stop telling your friends about us. In all seriousness, we hope that we have earned your trust and respect as a design firm and that you will think of Liquid Designs for any of your future design needs.