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Team Custodial Services

Team Custodial Services approached us with an important, but not uncommon need. They had a solid business identity, but it was becoming outdated. We helped to re-brand the business by designing a new logo, trifold brochure, business cards, and vehicle imagery. Along with the printed items we also created a new responsive, mobile friendly website. We developed all these items with the color scheme that the business had used for years, in order to maintain a solid level of brand recognition.

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Realities For Children Charities

Realities For Children Charities is a non profit organization that serves the unmet needs of abused and neglected children in Larimer County. In order to help raise awareness and thank the existing business members, they created a casual event that would acquaint local business leaders with each other. We developed posters, tickets, newspaper ads, postcards and thank you cards to help promote the event.

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Douglas County
Fair & Rodeo

When an event has an attendance goal of 14,000 people on it's opening day, you need to have a strong visual ad campaign. Annually the officials from Douglas County supply a theme and we give life to that theme through imagery. Our goal is always to make sure that the printed materials are highly visible without straying from the selected motif.

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Rite Blades

Rite Blades was just getting into the industrial diamond saw blade industry when they contacted us. They needed an identity that would be professional without being too corporate. They wanted to relate to the workers who would be using their products, as well as the management groups that would be purchasing their products. We helped to create a new logo, product catalog, business cards, decals, and the screen image to be printed on the saw blades themselves.

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City of Loveland
Water and Power

Working with the City of Loveland Water and Power Department has been a great experience. The city was working on promoting a renewable energy plan that would benefit their customers as well as the utilities themselves. They came to us knowing the exact message that they wanted relayed to their residents, but wanted some help making it visually appealing. The first facet of this project was to create a friendly, relatable mascot to represent the City's commitment to renewable energy. A beautiful lightning bug named "Glow" was developed and took center stage in the ensuing ad campaign. We helped out with a mailing campaign that included two trifold brochures, two postcards, and a wealth of imagery that could be used in a variety of applications.

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Kids D.D.S.

Kids D.D.S. had a brand ironed out before they contacted us. The problem that they faced was a lack of relationship with their previous design firm. The absence of a permanent representative combined with the sense that they were being overcharged lead them to seek out a new firm. We were grateful that they called us. We were able to get them the printed items they needed at a reasonable price. We supplied letterhead, envelopes, referral pads, magazine ad, and a custom phone book listing.

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