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The Denver Land Company was formed 35 years ago with Brent Hartman as a co-owner. His partner was office building developer, R. Donald Baumann. Together they developed, built, leased, managed and profitably sold 17 suburban office buildings in metro Denver [7853 East Arapahoe Court, Englewood CO] until 1985, when Mr. Hartman left to form HARTCO Real Estate Company. By the mid-90s, Mr. Hartman retook the name, The Denver Land Company, …and it survives today as a solely-owned, commercial-and-investment real estate brokerage.

7853 East Arapahoe Court, Englewood, CO

The Denver Land Company combines several important aspects of Mr. Hartman’s life: history, relationships, real estate, and Germany.

Mr. Hartman is a third-generation Denver native who has practiced real estate continuously since first-licensed in 1978 …always in the State of Colorado. He’s weathered multiple booms-and-busts in metro Denver. ‘It’s an investment advantage to recall what happened in Colorado, specifically, during economic cycles you’ve lived-through.’



Mr. Hartman’s localized advantage began long before The Denver Land Company. That’s his great- grandfather (far-right) standing in front of his real estate firm at 774 Broadway, Denver in 1900. J.O Patterson Real Estate & Loans was the first incarnation of The Denver Land Company. Jacob left Germany’s economically-depressed Black Forest region and migrated to Colorado to build apartments and sell land.




Next Generations

By 1915, Denver was the largest city its age in the world. Population and economics boomed. Brent’s grandfather grew up in this hustle-and-bustle – Broadway had light-rail then too -- to become a fine auto mechanic and Studebaker race car driver.

JA Hartman

JA Hartman’s auto repair shop at 210 Broadway in 1913

Brent’s father came of age in Denver during the Great Depression. A city kid with no horse experience, at 17 he accepted a commission in the last US Calvary. That led to a military career which ended with Bennett retiring as an Air Force Colonel. Before that, the Army Air Corps. And before that he was Major Hartman, US Army, stationed at Wichita Falls TX where he met and married a US Army corporal from New York, Brent’s mom. World War 2 European theater and Korea.


Lineage and Emigration

An amateur genealogist, Bennett proved the clan was among the Mayflower descendants (Mayflower Society general no. 59760). Bennett’s mother is a descendent of Thomas Rogers, who sailed over from England in 1620. Bennett’s grandfather was a disgruntled subject of Chancellor Bismarck, who sailed over from Bavaria in 1880. By 1910: The Atlantic Crossing became the Denver Connection.

Disgruntled Bavarian, J.O. Patterson

At 35 or 65, Mr. Hartman and The Denver Land Company are still focused on history, relationships, real estate, and Germany.


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